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May 29, 2017 45 Comments

Hello friends! Are you looking for something to look forward to? Already thinking about Christmas gifts? If so, check this out:         This October, after years of pleading and countless readers asking for it,             This October…             It’s not a movie. […]


April 15, 2017 37 Comments

Dear friends, I have felt the tug of wanting to share things with you, my kindred spirits, and at the same time a reluctance to put into words what is transpiring in my heart and mind and life. So I have cocooned myself over the past six months. But now I feel the thinning of my […]

An Overdue Explanation

December 9, 2016 37 Comments

My dear friends, A lot of you have emailed me and left comments here asking “What in the world happened to Lost In Scotland?!!” It’s got to be disappointing to pre-order a book that doesn’t show up. I’m sorry for the confusion and I’m sorry for not responding individually to all of your messages. Have […]