Holiday Happenings

Hello friends!

Yes, it has been way too long since I updated here. Life is very busy right now for me. But I am so excited about the release of my hardcover edition of Edenbrooke with Heir to Edenbrooke included. So excited that I’m coming out of my cave to do a few book signings so that you can get personalized Christmas books for your reader friends. Please check my events page. I’ll be updating it frequently as we get closer to Christmas and I get more signings set up.

But what about Lost in Scotland, you ask? That story is dead. Dead and buried and maybe burned too. Sometimes you have to thoroughly kill something before something new can grow in its place. And that is what has happened here. I’m sorry for all of you who were looking forward to it! I hope you found other wonderful stories to spark your imagination and that you will continue to be book lovers and book supporters. I’m starting a few new projects right now and hope to have something to share with you next year.

Last but not least: my holiday wishes for you. I hope that you will find joy in giving this holiday season. I hope that you will find love in loving. I hope that you will reach out to others who are lonely or struggling and include them in your activities. I hope that a spirit of peace will envelop you, and that you will cultivate that peace through thoughtful, mindful, carefully chosen activities that uplift you and strengthen you. I hope that your heart feels full and your bank account feels adequate. And I hope that you will feel hope for the future.


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