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Guys!!! I am so excited to show you the cover for Heir to Edenbrooke, the prequel to Edenbrooke from Philip’s point of view. In case you missed my previous announcements, it’s a novelette (longer than a short story, shorter than a novella), will be a digital release, and here is the exciting news:


Are you ready?



It’s going to be available to purchase on November 17th!!!!


I can’t believe it’s going to be out so soon! I just barely finished the edits about two days ago. I think you’re going to fall in love with Philip all over again reading this, and I can’t wait to share some of his story with you.



And now, without further ado, the gorgeous cover…..















I’m teasing you.










Here it is.

heir to edenbrooke


42 thoughts on “Heir to Edenbrooke cover

  1. Gina says:

    Gah! I love the cover! And you really are a tease…we have to wait until November 17th?!?!?!?! I already loved Phillip, and I know I’ll love this! Thanks so much for the heads up! Ten days….

  2. Sarah says:

    I am so excited, the cover looks beautiful. I LOVED Blackmoore and Edenbrooke – can’t wait to read anything else you write (if you ever do Henry’s POV I’ll probably cry).

  3. Raquel says:

    Oh my it’s gorgeous! I’m so excited! I think I’m the first comment too, well I love it! Great Job!

  4. Carol says:

    I love the cover! I can’t wait to read the novelette. I’m looking forward to the 17th.
    P.S. I love your humor!!!!!

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  6. rebekah ruth says:

    OMG! I’m so excited. I LOVE Philip and I rarely read books more than once but I’ve read Edenbrooke at least three times simply to savor the dialogue! I’m guessing my mom has probably read the book five times for the same reason.

    Philip is one of my favorite male leads. That scene with the love letter? Stop. My. Heart. It’s awesome. You crafted a fantastic character. I’m so excited at getting to see things from his perspective!!

    And, Nov 17th is my BIRTHDAY! What a perfect birthday present. πŸ™‚

    • Nanette Sparks says:

      Got to love the love letter scene. That is one reason I want to read the rest of the story from his perspective. πŸ™‚

  7. Crystal says:

    Oh I’m so excited. I just read Edenbrooke for the 4th time. I’ve never have read a book more than 2 times before! It’s my go to book when I need a smile on my face. This novelette will be perfect for our thanksgiving road trip πŸ™‚

  8. Valerie says:

    I love loved this book. I caught myself laughing out loud. It was captivating and infuriating and so full of just the right amount of intrigue. Thank you for sharing your talent. It was a nice break from more serious things!!

  9. Dawn says:

    I’m so excited! I have been stalking Amazon to see if this had been released yet. I just found your other two books last month at the library, loved them, ending up buying them, and have recommended them to several people.

    Can’t wait to read Philip’s story. I’m sure you are busy but I really hope there will be more books in the future!

  10. Joan Newton says:

    I so loved Edenbrooke and now can’t wait for Heir to Edenbrooke. Thank you for the total fun and delight my family and I had reading your books. I have 9 daughters and they all have read Edenbrooke and loved it as much as I did. My husband and son even enjoyed it. I think you have a true talent and gift for writing and you are in my opinion the greatest love story teller ever. I love regency period books and movies and have seen and read a lot of other authors who do not in anyway hold a candle to your ability to write a love story. I just wish someone would see that and put it in a movie. It would be the best one yet. Thank you again for sharing your talents with my family and the world.

  11. Tilane says:

    I’m so excited for this! I’ve read Edenbrooke four times this year. I can’t wait to read this story from Philip’s perspective. Thanks for writing!!!

  12. Ema says:

    ‘Heir To Edenbrooke’ is breathtaking. I had a very hard time seeing things from Philip’s point of view when I read Edenbrooke. Now, though, after reading this novelette, I am so excited to re-read Edenbrooke. This is so amazing. His backstory is great!!
    Is there any chance at all for sequelettes? I want to read ALL of Edenbrooke from Philip’s POV! (YOU SHOULD WRITE THAT. SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD LOVE THAT.)
    His thoughts were unique and alive, making me really connect with him. It was an entirely new adventure to peek into his head and what led up to the scene in the inn. Mrs. Donaldson, you have an incredible talent for creating deep, vibrant characters that make a book into a gateway you can fall through over and over and over.
    This was an incredible read. I only wish that it was actually in a book, not just an e-book so I could hug it and go right now to put it on my shelf.

  13. andrea cook says:

    I just finished reading it. I loved it. I think it should be the first chapter of a book, not the whole book itself. Keep writing the rest! I’m dying to know what Philip is thinking for the rest of the story.

  14. Emily Rose says:

    Mrs Julianne Donaldson.
    You will never know how just much your two amazingly-written novels, particularly Edenbrooke, “have bewitched me, body and soul” and mind and heart and anything and everything else. I have never experienced reading any other book in such a way I experienced while reading from Marianne’s perspective in Edenbrooke. My cousin and I have both been in love with this book for the past several years and are always going on and on about it. In fact, just this previous summer we had the conversation on multiple occasions about how extremely thrilled we would be if we had the chance to read about the relationship between Philip and Marianne through dear Philip’s point of view. When we learned about this novelette this afternoon, we both could not contain our excitement and love and anxiety to get our hands on this and read it. I couldn’t get it to download to my phone so I had to use my dad’s and it took such a painfully long time. And then of course by the time I could finally read it, it was past 9 and I had to savour every bit of it so it took me three long hours to read; I refused to put it down. Julianne, I don’t think you will ever realize the extent in which your beautiful writing has affected me. I have always wanted to become a novelist but after reading your works and the way you put your soul into them, it will be nearly impossible to rise to even half your status. To me and my limited number of 17 years, (which probably makes this statement insignificant in your eyes) you are by far the best writer of novels I have ever had the great pleasure of reading. With it now being midnight, I am sitting in my room unsure of how I can go on with my life without reading the ENTIRE Edenbrooke story in Philip Wyndham’s perspective first, because THAT…. That just may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me and my happiness. Just the way you wrote from his point of view was EXACTLY how I pictured and hoped. Even when you were hinting about your “secret project” since spring, I had been thinking of how amazing it would have been if you wrote from his view of things and all the thoughts going through that handsome head of his. So by publishing this brief but extremely sating novelette, you have more than made my dreams come true. You’ve brought them to life in Philip’s eyes and heart. Every word is precisely HIM. I am so grateful for you and everything you do. And I know you probably won’t even see this and if you do happen to read this, I apologize for taking and wasting so much of your precious time, but I just had to seize this opportunity to tell you how I feel. I look up to you and your writing and your characters so much. I hope things are going well in your life and I would be beyond thrilled if I even got to hear the slightest reply from you haha. But like I said I completely understand if your life is too busy to see or notice me, I’m used to that haha. I just really hope you can know, to at least a partial degree, just how much Edenbrooke and Heir to Edenbrooke, as well as Blackmoore, ALL mean to me. You are amazing.
    “Longing for you.”
    (and your reply or more writing) πŸ˜‰

    • Julianne Donaldson says:

      Dear Emily,
      Thank you so much for telling me how much my books have meant to you! It’s readers like you that motivate me on difficult days. Thank you and hugs and kisses!


      • Emily Rose says:

        Dearest Julianne,
        Can’t believe I’m only seeing now that you replied AAH! Haha thank you so so much for noticing me!! Love you and your books! Also your mention of a dashing Scottish hero and his story intrigues me already. Thanks again for everything! πŸ™‚


  15. Claire Gilbert says:

    Umm, yup! Fell in love with Philip and it made me reread Edenbrooke for the SECOND time this year. I actually loved Edenbrooke so much I wished you had rewritten it ALL from his perspective! I just love how in love he was with Marianne from the very beginning.

    I would be so ecstatic if you’d write another book in this vein! πŸ™‚

    • Julia says:

      I love this book so much! It’s helped me through some difficult times and it’s my absolute favorite.
      I would love to be an author someday but I don’t think I have the talent to write a book as flawless as yours. You are an amazing writer! Your imagery is spectacular! How on earth did you make your characters so fun and individually special and unique? I would love some tips but I don’t expect you to write back since your super busy but fingers crossed!! πŸ™‚

  16. Xenia says:

    Last week I read Edenbrooke and LOVED it! I am entirely enchanted with this story. On Saturday I read Heir to Edenbrooke and all I can say is that I wish it was longer. I loved reading the Phillip Wyndham’s point of view and I would have LOVED to read his point of view for the entire story. I hope that you will consider revisiting it to do just that. I love Edenbrooke even more than Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

  17. Hayley says:

    I just read Edenbrooke all day yesterday, then read Heir to Edenbrooke this morning. And now, I had to start Edenbrooke all over because it is so enchanting. I wish that Heir to Edenbrooke had been a full length novel, I feel so cheated!!! More Sir Phillip and Marianne, please!

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