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Do you ever get to the end of a book and wish you had more? More story, more answers, more interactions? Do you ever wish a story could go on and on? I do sometimes. It’s so fun to get pulled into another world and so hard to say goodbye to that other world. And yet all stories have to end at some point, and some stories have to end with more openness than others.

In Edenbrooke, my first book, I wanted to wrap things up really neatly and give a lot of closure to most of my characters. But those of you who have read both books know that Blackmoore is a different sort of story. Without giving away any spoilers, I want to address the ending of Blackmoore, to hopefully help satisfy everyone who has emailed me with questions about the ending.
Blackmoore is Kate’s story, and Kate’s story only. It’s not her sister’s story, or her mother’s, or even Henry’s story. It is hers, and it’s a story about not just love and the sacrifices love sometimes requires; it is, more importantly, a story about courage, about prying open the cage she found herself in and being brave enough to set herself free. Nobody else could do it for her. She had to be powerful enough to escape it on her own. The fact that she also has a happy ending is icing on the cake. But all of the details at the end that some of you are wondering about are intentionally left to YOUR imagination. YOU get to be the author of the ending of this story, in the same way that Kate–powerful, imaginative, brave Kate–chose to be the author of her story. 
So if you’ve emailed me asking me to answer all of your questions about the ending, here’s the truth: I don’t have the answers for you. This is my gift to you: to invent your own answers, and to be happy with the ending you create. The one truth I can tell you, without hesitation, is that Kate is happy. The details are up to you to fill in. 

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  1. I loved the ending! I didn’t think there were any blanks at all. Probably because my imagination just *knew* what Kate and Henry were doing. I just knew where I wanted it to go. My sister has her own ideas and it was fun to think about the different possibilities. Such an amazing book!!!

  2. Tressa S says:

    I loved the ending, so no questions here. 🙂 I’ve been recommending Blackmoore (and Edenbrooke too) to everyone and I know I have a few people that wouldn’t have come across them otherwise (including a blogger friend), so I’m enjoying sharing the love. I’m just waiting for your next book….

  3. Danielle says:

    Oh, words cannot say how much I loved it! Sigh. Twas absolutely lovely! Blackmoore was very different from Edenbrooke, but that’s what makes it such a great novel! I love that it can stand all on its own – not only does it show your versatility as a writer, but it creates more questions for the readers to think about. Thank you thank you thank you for writing it!! I can hardly wait to see what’s next!

  4. Although you note that it is Kate’s story and hers alone, I find that Henry’s unwritten story to be intriguingly parallel to that of Kate. He too, is trapped in a cage–a larger, more comfortable cage, but nevertheless circumscribed by his mother’s wishes. She seeks to bend his will to hers just as much as Kate’s mother desires submission from her daughter. Swimming in the ocean at night (and not putting on his shirt to talk to Kate) answers his need for daring similar to Kate’s secret excursions via her bedroom window. They seek each other out beyond the borders of their homes–the woods and the ruined abbey. While Henry is older than Kate, he is still young and has not yet reached his majority. They are both on the brink of adulthood and in order to truly own their own souls and freely give their love must leave the limitations of their childhood homes. It is not lost on this reader that India represents independence and freedom for Henry as well. I think that there is a continuing story in the character of Aunt Charlotte who undoubtedly will be the true nurturer of the young people. And finally, I appreciate the ending chapter which indicates that there is forgiveness and healing in the family, which allows Henry and Kate to return to their roots after a period of exploration.

  5. Hcurly2 says:

    I don’t normally post but I’m in such awe of your writing I had to write and thank you. A dear friend of mine suggested I read, Edenbrooke. So I checked it out from the library and consumed it in one night. I couldn’t put it down! Then I reluctantly returned it and found myself unable to stop thinking about it. So I checked it back out and again ate it all upIin one sitting, finding myself just as engrossed the second time as I had been the first. I went out and bought it knowing I didn’t want to part from that beautiful story. I ordered Blackmoore not knowing anything about it just that I truly enjoyed your writing and knew I would like it. I didn’t like it. I loved every page and found myself laughing, crying, feeling my heartbreak with Kate’s. Again, I find myself unable to leave the thoughts of their story behind. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing talents with the world. You have enriched my life. 🙂

  6. Ashley says:

    Oh Julianne! I need you to know how much I adored this book. I tried to make it last as long as I could without torturing myself to want to read more, knowing I could. I am SO sad it’s over. I didn’t think I could love a book more than Edenbrooke, and you’ve proved me wrong. I love blackmoore for so many reasons. You are truly my favorite author- and I’m just frustrated I don’t have more fantastic “proper romances” from you to read- I’ve already reread your two more than I should admit 🙂 no one’s writing holds a candle to yours. You capture flirting and angst!,(poor Henry!) in such a fun, non cheesy way, I simply can’t get enough. And in the simple actions you have your characters do (like Henry reaching back a hand to Kate as they walk back up to the house after she explains her plan to him on the beach after he swims) conveyed such power about his gentleness, and romance, and friendship, and characteristics of true love, in the simplist of actions, such butterflies!! It makes me fall in love with my husband all over again. There’s passion and romance in such a clean way! And I loved imagining Ryan lochte as Henry- and that crease in his cheek :).

    Can you please please write more, and faster? And pretend you don’t have a million other responsibilities? I love my life, but kind of dont know how to get back to reality after blackmoore. (I was the same with Edenbrooke). I preordered blackmoore which I never do (totally a read it first for free from the library kind of gal) because I KNEW I would need and want to own this. I am SUCH a fan of you and your writing! Thank you for delighting my romantic fantasy and sharing your fantastic talent with us.

  7. Okay, so I love your books!! I read Edenbrooke a few weeks ago in one night and then read it again a few days later. It is a beautiful novel and I adore the characters. It has become a tradition that I send a romance novel with my husband each year when he goes hunting; ( there is a funny story behind that but it is for another day…) I sent Edenbrooke with him last week. He called last night to check in and LOVED it; wants to know if it has been made into a movie. 🙂 I know, I’m such a lucky woman! Anyway, I read Blackmoore cover to cover last night and thought it was exquisite. My problem: you have set the bar too high; now what in the world am I going to read? Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

  8. HBC says:

    I am in love with your two books. Thank you for writing them! You are an amazing writer and I have loved falling into both your books…Edenbrooke and Blackmore. I know you just release Blackmore but I do hope you hurry and write more. 🙂

  9. Tara says:

    After reading the above comments, I am relieved that I am not the only one who gets so wrapped up in your books. I finished Blackmoore last night at midnight ( I couldn’t put it down) and LOVED it. I was so sure how story was going to end and I’m glad for the twists and turns that made it so unpredictable. My biggest complaint about the ending is that there was one! I wanted it to go on and on. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I hope that after taking a break you will delight us with another great novel.

  10. M says:

    I started reading your book three hours ago and I could not stop until I finished. It sucked me right in! I can definitely say that Edenbrooke and Blackmoore are on my all-time favourites list 😀 They’re those one in a million romances that actually tug at your heartstrings! Release another tomorrow please!

  11. JM says:

    I have read Edenbrooke and Blackmoore multiple times and bought copies for my daughters. I would love to read a retelling of Edenbrooke from Philip’s point of view.

  12. Rachel says:

    I am simply in love with the way you tell stories, Julianne! Edenbrooke has become one of my alltime favorite reads! When I read your books I’m on a emotional rollercoaster, completely and utterly at the will of the story! I feel physically for the characters and they literally come to life for me. Blackmoore tore me up lol But I loved it too. I appreciate the cleanliness and purity in the love the characters have for one another. That’s how a Proper Romance should be. I can’t wait for more. HUGE fan <3

  13. Sarah says:

    I love reading and this is the greatest romance novel I have EVER read, I absolutely loved it and was completely intrigued I read nearly the entire book today! I hope a movie will be coming!!!

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