A Funny Story and another Giveaway!

I received the cutest email from a reader a couple of weeks ago. She told me this story: “One of my favorite things to do is read [Edenbrooke] with others. Last year, for my birthday, I spent 2(ish) days reading it aloud to/with my mother in law & a few of my sisters in law. In fact, I had to drive back over to their house one more morning to finish it up. They were all already there, just waiting for me. Well, the doorbell rang & 3 grown women ran to the door & threw it open (all the while squeeling)…scaring a poor UPS man. Soooo funny! I came about 20 minutes later haha!”


I had a good laugh about that. So when she asked me next if I would consider a holiday sale on the Edenbrooke print, I had to say yes as payment for the laugh she gave me. So from now until December 10th, all Edenbrooke prints are on sale, half off, for $5.00. How’s that for Christmas cheer?


Now you know how to get me to do things for you. πŸ˜‰ Β Do you have a funny story about my books? Share it in the comments and I’ll enter you in a drawing to receive a free audio book of Edenbrooke. Just cause I love y’all.

22 thoughts on “A Funny Story and another Giveaway!

  1. Kristin Wynder says:

    I recently had a baby but my pregnancy with him was very difficult. So difficult, that I had to get weekly IV’s just to function. My infusion sessions lasted about 4 hours each time and I had to get them twice a week for my whole pregnancy. This lead to a TON of book reading. When I first got Edenbrooke I started reading it during one of my IV’s and was instantly drawn in. I couldn’t put it down and so after I got home, I climbed in to bed and continued reading. I was so in to the book that at points I would be laughing, gasping, etc. My husband kept coming in and seeing what the commotion was. Then “at the you-know-what point in the book where someone becomes kind of heartbroken”, I full out burst into tears crying (yes it could have been some pregnancy hormones working in there too) but my husband came in and found me bawling under my covers. He was like “What are you reading?” and just laughed at me. Finally a few hours later when the book was done, I came out of the room looked over at him and said “That was one of the best books I’ve ever read!” All he could do was laugh and laugh.

  2. Crystal Hill says:

    I do have kind of a funny story. MaryAnn Updike and her family were visiting California and they stopped by for quick last-minute visit for a day. We had fun visiting and I kept telling MaryAnn about how much I loved Blackmoore (and that I had read it twice in one week). Anyway, josh and I left because we had already made plans to go out of town and we let them stay at our house one more night while they fixed their car. When we got back from our weekend away, Blackmoore was mysteriously gone from my shelf (yes, I noticed). Not too long after that, I got a package in the mail and it was my book being returned. MaryAnn had stolen (borrowed) it and read it on her trip home. πŸ˜€ it cracked me up!

  3. Han says:

    Hey Julianne, It’s your kindred spirit of a facebook friend here πŸ˜‰
    Well, Edenbrooke is always in my bag. I carry it with me always, even though I bought it for my mother πŸ˜‰ (self gift…) I have found that it is quite hard not to pull it out and read when I am in social situations, usually I can control it and behave myself. The one time I did pull it out, on a rather rainy social day, my youth pastor grabbed edenbrooke from where I had lay it, and asked what it was. I replied, “It is the best book I have ever read, and ever will read.” He looked it front and back. “I can tell,” he said. “It’s really worn!” He promptly opened it to a random section in the book and began to read. Five seconds later, he blushed and shut the book, and handed back to me. An “Oh dear,” escaped and he laughed nervously. I asked him which part he read, and he said “I don’t know, something about a hill, and a girl fell asleep, and there was breeze, and then she woke and he was like RIGHT THERE.” It was hilarious.

  4. Megan says:

    Haha to the story! So cute! When I read Edenbrooke, it is like soaking up rays of cheerful sun, or hearing beautiful harmonies in a piano concerto. In bed with a flashlight, I cuddle up with this book until nearly 3 in the morning. This week I read nearly one “proper romance” a day and by the end of the week I was narrating my life in the witty and British voice of Marianne. I had to stop myself when I almost curtsied to the flight attendant when boarding a flight on my way home! I am still recovering and trying ever so hard to avoid twirling out of doors, lounging in story-filled libraries, and longing for men named Philip

  5. Shaana Anderson says:

    I have read Edenbrooke so much that almost all the pages are folded in some way or another. When my husband asked me which book I wanted and told him Edenbrooke, he replied “DOnt you already have it?!” My reply was that “I wanted a nice one that I’d only read once and then get it signed encased in a glass box for everyone to see the most well written romantic book ever written.
    ” still haven’t convinced him to get me a second copy yet.

  6. Shaela says:

    Lol, that is so funny! I’ve got one for you too. Edenbrooke sucked me in the first time I read it, and when that happens to me, nothing else gets done. I read while the kids play or watch movies, and I tell them to eat cold cereal if they get hungry, haha. Anyways, I was sitting in the living room reading and I came to the part where Marianne is kidnapped. I let out a little shriek of surprise and dismay, and my 9 year old son came running into the room and asked “What is it?! Is there a spider?!” Lol, sweet kid, he knows I’m deathly afraid of spiders, so when he heard me scream he thought I found one and he was running in to save me!

  7. Allerednic says:

    My best friend and I both read Edenbrook shortly after it came out. A few weeks later, we met some guys in our ward, and one of them invited us to go to a monster truck rally with a group of people. We were so excited that someone wanted to do something with us that we went with, even though a) umm. . .we don’t like trucks and b). everyone at the monster truck rally — with the exception of those we came with — kind of scared us. As we were waiting for the monster truck rally to start, we ended up quoting the book to our new friends and demonstrating how to twirl like Marianne πŸ™‚ It was easily the best part of the event πŸ™‚

  8. Jellybeans says:

    Around September 2013 I began to freak out. Ally Carter’s last book in her Gallagher girl series and Julianne Donaldson’s new novel Blackmoore would both be coming out. Well my birthday came and unfortunately Blackmoore was not out. So I got an IOU. Well we ordered and hoped and waited. However we went in a little road trip and we came across a little bookstore. There inside was Blackmoore (a week earlier then the launch date) this little bookstore apparently had put it out in the shelves early. Despite the fact my book was already coming in the mail I bought it anyway and just returned the extra. Haha the story isn’t very funny but I don’t really have a super funny story so hopefully it counts;)

  9. Jenny says:

    One year for Christmas my in laws bought me the print version of Edenbrooke knowing that I like that kind of reading. I had to break it to them that I had already read it numerous times, but I assured then I loved it. The next year they thought they were so cute and clever because they bought me Blackmoore, bit much to their dismay AGAIN I had already read it numerous times, I had even waited for it to come out and bought it that day. They swear they are never going to buy me books again! As long as it is one of yours I weep never complain πŸ˜€

  10. Rachel says:

    This isn’t as hilarious but it’s the best I have πŸ™‚ When I first got Edenbrooke I was staying with family and I couldn’t put it down! My aunt was over while I was reading it and the next day she asked me why I wasn’t still reading it. She couldn’t believe I had already finished it in one day.

  11. Melanie says:

    I love Edenbrooke!!! It’s one of those books that fits all of my moods. When I’m sad it cheers me up, when I’m happy it just makes me happier! I first read it while on an RV trip and the coolest thing happened. We were driving and I put my book down long enough to ask my Dad if we had passed into a new state yet. “Yep,” he said “right now we’re in Utah”. I was just like “that’s where Julianne Donaldson lives!!! She writes the best books EVER!!!!” I mean I totally flipped out, the funny thing was the fact that my family had no idea what I was talking about. They must have thought I was crazy the way I yelled like that haha. Julianne Donaldson is an amazing author and I will totally read anything she writes from now on.

  12. Hannah says:

    That moment (actually, who am I kidding? It’s been at least twenty moments) when you and your mom totally fan-girl over Philip’s letter in chapter 16 . . . *sigh . . .* My dad thinks that we’re both ridiculous. Maybe we are – I don’t really care. πŸ™‚

  13. Sara Williams says:

    My mom read the book first, and I kept seeing her around the house with it. She knew I wanted to read it, but she said that I had to wait till Spring Break or else I wouldn’t be able to focus on my school work. So I stole it (heheh) and I read it EVERYWHERE. In orchestra, I had hid it behind my cello and was intently reading the kidnapping scene, when I heard an β€œahem”. I jumped up and the whole orchestra was waiting for me! Kind of awkward as I pulled the book out from behind my cello and picked up my bow haha. (But i still don’t regret it:) Anyways, my mom was super surprised when I walked up to her 2 days later, smiled at her, and said β€œDone.” as I placed the book in her hand. It is seriously my favorite book ever and it never gets old! I am trying to write a book of my own right now and Edenbrooke is definitely one of my inspirations. Can’t wait for whats coming next!

  14. Sara says:

    My older sister told me to read Edenbrooke last year. So a week or so after she finished, I brought it with me to read in the car as we went around town doing some shopping. As it turns out, I never went into a single store. I happened to be reading the part when Marianne falls in the river, twice. I burst out laughing in the front seat. After I regained control of my laughter after a couple minutes, I looked out the window to see a store worker, and an elderly couple staring at me looking totally confused. I started laughing even harder! The elderly man came up to my window, tapped on it and said, “That must be a very good book young lady!” All I could do was nod. And so it became my favorite book. Which means, I told all of my cousins to read it. A day or so after I finished it (Which I finished in less then 24 hours) I let my cousin borrow it. Then when she finished in 24 hours, I sent it to our other cousin. Then another cousin got it for Christmas. She finished it Christmas afternoon. We all have a group text, and she just writes, “I finished it.” All of us went crazy talking about it for it seemed like hours. And so now, whenever any person says something that even slightly reminds us all of Edenbrooke, we either smile, or burst out laughing. And sadly, it happens when we’re supposed to be being quite.

  15. Genina Millare says:

    Hahaha hilarious stories πŸ™‚ Anyway, I hope mine will tickle your funny bone too!

    So there I was reading Edenbrooke during one of my study breaks when my boyfriend asked me a question. Bear in mind that my boyfriend is Filipino and can only understand my American English when I speak a bit slower than normal. Anyway, I had taken to imagining the words I was reading to be spoken with a British accent so you could guess that I accidentally replied in said accent. He just stared at me before asking, “what?” in Tagalog (the Filipino language). Then I realized that he didn’t understand a word I said! Once I explained what happened, he just laughed and told me to stop procrastinating thereby ending my Edenbrooke study break, with a pout on my part (I was getting to the part where Philip teaches Marianne how to write a love letter so you can imagine my disappointment).

  16. EmaLee says:

    I am an avid reader, and so my family knows that if they want to really make me happy, they should get books for me on birthdays and Christmas. My grandmother gave me a paper-back copy on my last birthday, and I began to read it. However (*blushing*) as I was reading another book at the time, and it was at the very most exciting part, I got to Mr. Whittle’s horrible poem before setting Edenbrooke aside to finish the other book.
    A week or so after my birthday, my grandmother emailed to ask me what I thought of Edenbrooke. I gave her a vague reply that I hadn’t quite finished it yet, but it seemed to be okay. I can just see her laughing as she told me to tell her what I thought of it at the end. Soon after, I saw it on my shelf and picked it up. With a shrug, I decided to give it another go.
    It took me all of 2 school days to finish it. I literally devoured it, wavering between laughing breathlessly, sympathizing with Marianne or feeling exasperated at her selflessness, falling desperately in love with Phillip and feeling my heart pound at the kidnapping and the subsequent events. By the end, I was absolutely sure this was the most perfect book ever written.
    And I made certain to tell my grandmother that. In order to redeem myself for the atrocity of not appreciating Edenbrooke right off for the jewel that it was, I let two of my friends borrow it to read it. One of them got her daughters to read it. We, from grandmother to schoolgirl, all agreed that it was truly magnificent, absolutely the most perfect proper romance ever typed . Once it was returned, I re-read it for the eighth or ninth time, and my mom asked me what I was laughing at so hard that I couldn’t breathe and my face was turning red. I, still laughing, handed it to her and pointed to the part I had just read – where Marianne is discovering just how muddy and wet it is possible to get just as the man of your dreams is riding up. Soon she was laughing as hard as I.
    This reminded me of a saying one of my elementary school teachers had on their walls – Keep your words sweet and soft, in case you have to eat them later.
    And now Edenbrooke and Blackmoore, instead of sitting on a dusty corner of my bookshelf, resides directly in the center, in the place of honor.

  17. Sara Bradley says:

    I’ve converted several of my friends to Edenbrook. I’m an English teacher and I am constantly being asked for book recommendations from friends and family. Edenbrook is almost always on loan to someone. But I made a rule that they couldn’t return it unless they wrote a quick review of their feelings of the book on a sticky note to help me convince my next seeker of good reads. Now my copy of Edenbrook is sadly a little worse for wear, but has been well lovded… as evidenced by the sticky notes covering the inside that mostly make up a collection of love notes to Phillip. What’s funny is I still occasionally get someone who is apprehensive to read it in spite of the sticky note declarations… but my last one simply wrote, “I want to be the mother of Phillip’s children.” Well said indeed. Thanks for writing!

  18. Heather says:

    We just drove across the country to our new home in North Carolina. I couldn’t find Blackmoore in audio book before we left, so I bought the book and my 14- and 21-yr-old girls took turns reading aloud. We all enjoyed it so much that we started it over again when we finished. We also spent time asking the book club questions, speculating on what happened to the characters after the book ends, and figuring out who should be cast in the movie production! Your book definitely helped a long car ride become much more enjoyable! Thanks!!!

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