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Updates to FAQs



I love getting mail from readers, but I rarely feel like I have time to respond personally to each one. But I thought I would address some commonly asked questions.

1. Movie news. So many readers would love to see Marianne or Kate’s story on the big screen. I don’t own the movie rights for either of my books, so I have no control over whether a movie gets made or who gets to write the screenplay or which actors will play the characters. The only news I have right now is that there is no news. No one has optioned the movie rights at this point. And that’s okay! I would love to see a movie version done RIGHT, and if that means it doesn’t happen immediately, so be it.


2. Translations of the books. My agent and a foreign rights agency have worked really hard to sell foreign translation rights to both of my books. Right now the Spanish edition of Edenbrooke is available online at Amazon.com, Kobo.com, iBookstore, Googleplay, Barnes&Noble. It is also available printed in Spanish bookshops as well as the publisher’s website, www.librosdeseda.com. So if you live in Spain, go find it! If you live anywhere else, find it online! And then please leave a review so others will know it’s a good story. 🙂  Up next: French, with Japanese and Slovene and Turkish and other languages to follow.


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3. My next project. The question of the year has been, “Are you writing something else?” After taking a year off of writing to grow a really cute baby, I am itching to start a new story! I’m not ready to share details yet, but rest assured that I am working on something, and keep coming back here for more news. I will also be announcing some pre-Christmas book signings, so stay tuned!


4. My cute baby. Isn’t he a doll?




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