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Summer Events

Hello friends!

Isn’t summer with kids crazy? I have all five at home and between the toddler and the 15-year-old, I’m running around all day. Right now I have my 13-year-old bathing the little guy while my red-haired son is playing on the computer and Thomas the Train is blasting from the TV but nobody is watching it. And I just ran into my office to tell you all that I have a couple of events coming up that I would love to invite you to.

On Thursday, July 21st, at 7 pm, I will be speaking at the Provo City Library. I don’t know what I’ll be speaking about yet, so if you have any requests, please let me know! I’ll also be signing books afterwards and would love to meet you. It’s a free event.

And I’m very excited to announce my first author visit to Boise, Idaho. I’ll be at the Boise Deseret Book store on Saturday, July 23, from 12-2 p.m. Please come and say hi and bring your books for me to sign. I’d love to meet you!

Now I’ve got to run make lunch and put the babe down for a nap and find something for my bored kids to do. I hope you’re all having a great summer!

Votes, Signings, and a Giveaway!

bird on a tree


First: How do you all like the new website? I’ve been wanting a more professional website for a while now and I finally got it done! It’s a little bare right now, but we’ll be adding more to it soon, including….(drum roll)….a store. That’s right. A store is built into my website so that when I get my act together and have some awesome Edenbrooke and Blackmoore stuff to sell, you can get it right here. Also, if you’re not already following me on Facebook, click the little “f” button on the homepage. I post there more frequently than I do here. You can also follow my Pinterest boards, (look for the Pinterest symbol under “Social” on the home page) where I have my inspirations for my stories, including the photo above. I also have some mildly embarrassing photos of myself as a kid on my Bio page. Go and have a good laugh for the day. And, you’re welcome.


Second: The Proper Romance tour is happening this weekend in Arizona! Sarah M. Eden and I will be signing books in Phoenix and Tucson. Check the Events page for details. I’m really excited to meet all of you lovely readers in Arizona and I hear it’s in the 70’s down there right now, which sounds like heaaaaaven. If you’re not in the land of the winter sun (is that what you call AZ? Doubt it. But that is what I’m calling it now) check out the Events page for more dates and locations.


Third: Thanks to the combined awesomeness of all of you, Blackmoore made it to the semi-final round of the Goodreads Choice Awards! This is such a big deal, because they were all write-in votes, and I really appreciate your efforts to vote for my story. So let’s see if we can get it into the final round! Go here to vote.


Fourth: If you vote for Blackmoore, come back here and leave a comment and you’ll be entered into a giveaway! Voting ends on November 16th, and after that I’ll randomly pick a winner and send you a signed audio (CD) version of Blackmoore. (By the way, I was talking to someone about how I still call audio books “books on tape”, even though they’re not on TAPE anymore. Does anyone else do this? Or am I just making myself sound really old?) So go vote, and leave a comment, and if you share your vote on Facebook or Twitter, say so in the comment and it will get you extra chances of winning!


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