A Few Christmas Things

I’ve been working on a few Christmas surprises for you, and I have a couple things to share.

You can now order a signed copy of Edenbrooke from The King’s English bookstore. I am so excited to work with this lovely locally owned bookstore, which is a champion of local authors and a haven for book lovers everywhere. If you click on the link tonight, it might say that they don’t have any copies in stock. But I was assured that they will have them in stock on Monday (Nov. 26). And you can request an inscription!  In the next week or so I will be jaunting over to The King’s English to sign your books according to your requests, and they will ship them to you. Think of all the great personalized Christmas gifts you could send now!

But this is not my entire Christmas present to you. I will have more, hopefully in another week or so. I have four of my own kids to play Santa to, but I’m trying to squeeze some time out of my schedule to work on my secret Christmas project for you, my lovely, wonderful, loyal readers.

And there is just one more chance to vote in the Goodreads Choice award. Edenbrooke made it to the final round, thanks to you (whistling! cheers! thank you!). Voting will end Nov. 27 and the winner will be announced Dec. 4. So please take a second to vote here.

9 thoughts on “A Few Christmas Things

  1. Rachel says:

    You are just a really amazing author you know that? Besides the fact that your book is practically my favorite ever, you are just amazing!! <3 Good Luck!!!!!!

    • Rachel says:

      You really ought to win by the way I saw the trash you were up against I was horrified…yours was the only romantic looking book on the list!!

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