Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Edenbrooke part of a series? / Are you going to write a sequel?

A: I have loved living in the imaginary world of Edenbrooke the past few years, as I dreamed up and wrote my first book. I would love to live at a real version of Edenbrooke forever, if I could. But Marianne and Philip’s story is complete. You can all rest easy with the knowledge that their happy ending WILL last forever.

Q: Will your books be made into movies? Can I be involved?

A: I would love for any of my stories to be made into movies. But the truth is, I have absolutely no control over whether it happens or how it happens. My publisher retained the movie rights, which means they can option the movie out to any producer they choose. I have no influence over who is chosen to take part in the production either. I hope if it happens, it’s wonderful and we all love it.

Q: Are you writing another book? When will it be released?

A: I’m working on several projects right now, but I’m not ready to announce any of them at this point. Keep checking back on my blog!

Q: Can you come to our book group?

A: I love visiting with book groups! Because of my busy family schedule and the ages of my children, I unfortunately have to turn down many invitations to attend groups in person. But I do try to arrange chats via Skype or Facetime. Send me an email at

Q: I want to know more about the ending to Blackmoore! What happened between the last chapter and the epilogue?

*Spoiler alert*

I left the ending intentionally vague for a couple of reasons. For me, the triumph of the story was in Kate and Henry escaping their cages. But some readers wanted to know that they had a happy ending. So I wrote an epilogue showing them traveling to a place that was home for them. Whether it was Blackmoore or their own home that they had established somewhere else is up to your imagination!

Q: I missed your last book signing! Can you send me a signed book if I mail it to you?

A: Alas, no. My time is very limited and if I’m running to the post office then I can’t be writing more books. But please check my events page for upcoming book events. You can also order signed copies of my books from The Kings English.

Q: I sent you an email and you never responded! What's wrong with you? Don't you appreciate me?

A: I absolutely DO appreciate you! But I simply cannot answer emails the way I would love to. I read them and I love them and I want to respond, but as a mother of five, my family responsibilities have to come first. I hope you’ll understand!