A Call for Help and a Great Video

Hello all!

I have a really fun project in the works, which I am SO excited to share with you…later this summer. I can only give you a few hints right now. It’s about Edenbrooke, and…um…okay, that’s the only hint I can give you. But I am telling you right now, you will squeal over this project.

But, before it can all happen, I need a little help. I need to choose a few scenes from the book that kind of tell the story without actually giving away the whole story. (And one of them should involve Mr. Whittles’s spittle.) So tell me in the comments what scenes YOU would choose, if you could only choose three or four.

And to thank you all for your participation, I have a giveaway. Yes, a giveaway! I will choose a random winner from everyone who comments and send you your choice of gifts–either a signed copy of Edenbrooke the book or a signed copy of Edenbrooke the AUDIObook. I will sign it with whatever message you want (as long as it’s not indecent) and send it anywhere in the U.S. So comment away!

Now you must watch this very funny video for Jane Austen fans. My favorite line: “If we lived in the time our favorite show is, we probably would have died of tuberculosis.” It’s clever, funny, and it even mentions Edenbrooke! My kids have been singing the song for days, and even dressed up and practiced their fine manners. It’s tremendously gratifying to see my Jane Austen love rubbing off on them. So check it out!

30 thoughts on “A Call for Help and a Great Video

  1. Amy says:

    Yes, Mr. Whittles and his poetry. Then the part where Marianne falls into the river and Philip catches her soaking wet! And maybe the part with the doll from Paris that Cecily and Marianne fought over.

    And one of my favorites (obviously other than the part where Philip asks Marianne if what she wrote in the note was true… oh my gosh I literally had tears in my eyes at that part!!) is when Mrs. Fairhurst says half the women in London are in love with Philip and Marianne says he told her it was closer to three-fourths. I just thought that was so funny and snarky of Marianne!

  2. kelli_call says:

    Oh MAN!! That video was ridiculously awesome! My favorite part- the random singing puppet…what?!

    My favorite scene was when it was her father that picked her up in the inn. Wasn’t expecting that and totally loved it.

  3. J.Grace says:

    I liked it when Mr. Whittles begins to describe her eye and hair color in his poetry but she completely diasagreed with his choice of colors.

    I loved, loved it when Philip teaches her to write poetry. I was one of my favorite scenes.

  4. Annette says:

    So hard to choose…I really loved the whole book. If I was taking bits and pieces and trying not give anything away: Marianne’s grandmother sending her off, Mr. Whittles saying goodbye with the kiss on her gloved hand, maybe something from the highway man attack, and Philip at the Inn. Twirling, mud, river, and embarrassment and both library scenes are wonderful (about Philips tour and the love letter writing). A scene that pulls Cecily in and the conflict but not sure which one would be best. I realize I could go on and on! I don’t know if I am much help. Looking forward to hearing more on whats coming up.

  5. Tara says:

    Almost impossible to pick only three….. But if I had to pick only three they would be Mr. Whittles’s spittle and goodbye, twirling and falling into the river twice only to be helped out by Phillip and the first library scene at the end of chapter 9. Makes me want to go back and start reading it again… I think I just might. Can’t wait to hear what the exciting project is going to be!

  6. Kate says:

    The twirling scene where she falls into the river MUST be one of them! I relate to her most because she is so awkward sometimes 🙂 And…Philip writing the love letter. Ah! Took my breath away!

  7. Amy says:

    YES to the twirling scene, and also the early scene at the inn where she tells Philip he’s not a gentleman, and also one of the scenes with Cecily so that you get that angle of the story. (I love the part where Philip is holding what’s-his-name at sword-point and says, “I will always love her,” but I wouldn’t want to give that away.)

    Excited to hear about your secret project!

  8. Heidi says:

    All the Suggestions above are awesome. But I love the part when Phillip os teaching her to write a love letter, that’s my favorite. Love the book!!!! Can’t wait for your next one!

  9. Sara says:

    I liked when Marianne spent all day painting the picture of Edenbrooke and then returned to a very concerned Phillip. Mr. Whittle’s kiss good bye on her gloved hand was great too. I would also love to see a scene with Phillip and Marianne riding their horses together.

  10. Megan says:

    I think the scene where Mr. Whittles is eavesdropping at the door, something with Philip and Marianne and the horses (either him lifting her onto her horse or that electrically charged scene between them at the stables where she calls him just a friend/generous host), and then a scene from one of the balls, like Philip telling her she looks beautiful after she refuses to dance with him or maybe her dancing with Mr. Beaufort while Philip dances with Cecily. I also loved her letters to her grandmother.

    Can’t wait to find out what this exciting project is all about.

  11. Heidi Grange says:

    Oh dear. I love so many different scenes in Edenbrooke. Let’s see. My favorite parts are unfortunately at the end and would give away the ending. So instead I’ll go with these:

    For Mr. Whittles: where poor Marianne is trying desperately to get Mr. Whittles to NOT regale her with his poetry, while not looking at his drool.

    When Marianne and Philip meet at the Inn, preferably when Marianne sings her song, hilarious, or where she twirls and falls in the river.

    I also love the parts in the library where Marianne and Philip really get to know each other.

    A scene where Marianne withdraws from Philip in favor of her sister.

    Maybe a scene from the first ball where Marianne expresses anger at Philip.

    I think there are many scenes that would work well.

  12. Shar says:

    Hmm. Hard to choose! I’m thinking the attack scene in the carriage (at the beginning), Mr. Whittles reading her his poetry, Philip catching her second fall in the river, definitely a Philip dancing scene, and maybe when he’s teaching her to write poetry unless it gives too much away . . . that was probably one of my favorite scenes of the book though. excited to hear what’s coming!

  13. Kara says:

    Such a hilarious video!

    I LOVED Edenbrooke so much it’s hard to decide the best scenes. Definitely must include when Mr. Whittles is reading her his poetry and she is critiquing it…have to focus on a close up of the spit covering his lips and Marianne watching it in disgusted fascination. 🙂 Meeting Philip at the inn and telling him he’s not a gentleman and a glimpse of the transformation of their relationship from there through her embarrassing moments – singing as a dairy maid, LOVED that part – totally laughed out loud, twirling and landing in the mud twice, being asked to sing at dinner and freaking out etc. I love how she always blushes! And the part where he’s teaching her how to write a love letter. Just enough to leave everyone wanting more! It would reveal too much, but at the end when she comes into the library and he finally kisses her holding her face and pushing her against the bookcase…I almost died it was SO delicious! 🙂

  14. Melissa says:

    I loved many scenes but you have to include the poem that he writes for her!!!!! I loved it so much and it tells so much about what he is feeling. LOVED!

  15. Bethany says:

    I loved Edenbrooke! One of the best parts i found about the book– besides the multiple dreamy scenes with Marianne and Philip– was the twist on who the “bad guy” was. I did not see it coming! That silly rake Mr. Kellett had me distracted the whole time!

  16. meems says:

    I loved how Marianne ended up in the safety of her father after her tragic run in with the “Bad Boys” did not see that coming with the whole inheritance… and the locket is recovered, and of course Mr. Whittles ending up with her aunt.. Loved all of it!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I would say the carriage attack scene, the scene with Marianne and Phillip in the stables when she doesn’t say where she’s going, and the scene where Cecily shows up (maybe at dinner). It might be helpful, though, to include Cecily’s letter at the beginning, too.

  18. Lisa says:

    I loved Edenbrooke so much, and it’s difficult to choose my favorite scenes because the entire book was so great! Thank you for writing such an amazing book! For my three scenes, I’d have to say the first time Marianne and Philip meet at the inn (I agree about the dairy maid song – soooo funny!), Philip teaching Marianne to write a love letter (my heart was pounding the whole scene!), and of course Mr. Whittles reading Marianne his poetry. And Marianne twirling and falling in the river or getting her hair caught in the tree branch would be fun, too. 🙂

  19. I love the part when Marianne recieves the book of poems from Mr. Whittles and Philip reads them!

    Also the scene when both Philip and Marianne talk about where their sanctuaries are.

    The dancing scene was AMAZING! I had to read it over and over!

    Marianne’s “List of Improvments” I think would be a good one!

  20. Kelli H. says:

    I just finished Edenbrooke and I absolutely loved it. It was such a charming story. I don’t even know if I can choose my favorite part. There were so many wonderful scenes. I loved the scene in the barn when Philip finally found Marianne after she was out drawing Edenbrooke. I also adored when he was teaching her how to write a love letter! And of course when they met in the library after he had read the letter she wrote. Oh and that KISS! Everytime she looked into his eyes I was hooked! Congratulations on such a delightful proper romance!!=)

  21. Alyson says:

    Maybe when she runs into the inn to get help and he basically dismisses her. The scene where he teaches her to write a love letter ( though that might be a bit to intense). Perhaps the scene in the beginning where she is twirling and falls into the creek. This book is amazing. Thank you for writing it!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am very much hoping Edenbrooke is being made into a movie. I don’t even care if it is a made for TV movie. My hypothesis is that the scenes being asked for are to be used in a trailer/preview. *fingers crossed*

    The following are the scenes I would like to see in the proceeding order…. First Marianne’s departure from Bath with her goodbye to Mr. Whittles. Then a few shots of people dancing at a ball. Next Marianne and Philip’s “chance encounter” at the inn. This scene MUST include a snippet of her singing that ridiculous song. A clip of the highway robbery to show danger. Followed by a scene with conflict between Marianne and Philip in the stable upon her return from a day of solitude. The last scene should be of her silhouette looking out at Edenbrooke in the background. This image is a perfect glimpse of what the book is about.

    I like the twirling, library and love letter scenes as well but I want somethings left to be enjoyed as the story unfolds. I hate when all the best parts are revealed in the preview.

  23. britt says:

    I would choose some funny/flirting scenes to show romance and fun. A scene between the sisters to show a little of Marianne’s difficulties (not wanting to compete with her sister). A scene of her being put in the carriage to show seriousness/danger.

    Here are some suggestions…

    – Marianne and Philip meet at the inn and he says she can
    call him Philip. (Her song is hilarious, too!)

    – Marianne falling into the water/hiding from Philip.

    – The two of them relaxing in the afternoon, him flirting with her.

    – Marianne painting Edenbrooke.

    – When they’re in the stables and he’s trying to define their relationship and she says they’re just friends.

    Oh – the twirling for sure!

    Those are just a few…the whole book is just awesome!

  24. Rachel says:

    I avoided looking at everyone else’s responses, as tempting as it was, so maybe my ideas aren’t right but here are my favorite nonspoilerish parts… I just didn’t want to copy other people I guess.

    1)Marianne singing the silly song and she and Philip laughing about it
    2)Marianne falling into the river and Philip trying to help her and her protesting
    3)The ball where she looks so beautiful and is trying her hardest to make Philip angry
    4)Marianne twirling at the end and Philip catching her, but if that is too spoilerish maybe just the part with her twirling and him watching.

    You have no earthly idea how much I should love to win, you are one of my very favorite authors and Edenbrooke pretty much became my favorite book I’ve ever read since page one…Anyways, I am really excited for the new book, keep up the amazing work!!

  25. Rachel says:

    Oops I forgot, my first one was supposed to be the part where Mr. Whittles says, “Oh what a glorious morning, oh, what a glorious day, oh what a glorious lady I have met on my way.” And him trapping her under the tree, and so forth.

    Another part I liked was Marianne reacting to loosing letter. Whatever purpose you need this for if you don’t want to spoil what the letter was you could just have her reaction to loosing it, not why.

    And of course there is the carriage scene, where Marianne is so brave. That really defines her character.

  26. Nina! says:

    -Marianne and Cecily fighting over the doll
    -Marianne falling in the river
    -When she gets the book of poetry and she tells philip about Mr. Whittles, and he reads the poem and makes it sound good
    -Marianne painting Edenbrooke

    Those are the ones that I would pick! 🙂

  27. Heiner Six says:

    Mr. Whittles reciting his poem to Marianne.
    Marianne and Betsy fighting off the highway man.
    Marianne falling into the river.
    Marianne watches as Cecily dances with Philip at the ball.

    There are too many to just choose four! Loved the book! Congrats!

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